In the world of fashion, jewellery has always played a significant role in self-expression and personal style. One of the hottest trends right now is layered jewellery, where multiple pieces are combined to create a unique and eye-catching look. At Goldmark, we encourage our customers to express themselves through their style, and we're here to share some jewellery layering secrets so you can create your own unique, layered look.


1. START WITH A BASE: To create a stunning layered jewellery look, it's essential to begin with a minimalist piece as your base layer. This could be a gold chain necklace, a silver bracelet, or a dainty diamond ring. The purpose of the base layer is to set the foundation for your layered look. By starting with something simple, you create a canvas upon which you can build and add more intricate pieces.

2. MIX METALS AND TEXTURES: Gone are the days of strictly sticking to one metal or texture. Embrace the beauty of contrast by mixing and matching different metals and textures in your layered jewellery. Pair gold jewellery with silver jewellery or stainless steel pieces, and combine smooth surfaces with textured ones. This juxtaposition adds depth and visual interest to your ensemble, making it more visually captivating.

3. PLAY WITH LENGTHS AND SIZES: Layering is all about creating a cohesive style and balanced look. One way to achieve that is by playing with different necklace lengths, bracelet widths, and ring sizes. Experiment with combining short and long necklaces to create a cascading effect, or stack bracelets of varying widths to add dimension to your wrist. Additionally, try stacking rings of different sizes on one finger, or across multiple fingers, to create an eye-catching and trendy look.

4. PERSONALISE WITH PENDANTS: A layered jewellery look is an excellent opportunity to infuse your personal style and meaning into your accessories. Consider adding pendants which hold personal significance or represent your interests. Whether it's a locket containing a cherished photo, or a pendant featuring your favourite animal, these personalised additions make your layered look unique. It also serves as a conversation starter, allowing you to share a piece of your story with others.

5. ODD NUMBERS RULE: When it comes to layering jewellery, odd numbers are your secret weapon. This asymmetrical approach creates a stunning balance and adds an element of intrigue to your overall look. Try wearing three necklaces or five rings to achieve perfect asymmetry.

6. CONFIDENCE IS KEY: The most crucial aspect of any style is confidence. Once you've created your layered jewellery look, it's essential to rock it with pride. Embrace your unique combination and wear it with confidence, knowing that you've curated a stunning and personalised ensemble that truly represents you..

Now that you have these expert tips, it's time to unleash your creativity and build your own gorgeous, layered jewellery look. Explore different combinations, experiment with various pieces, and express yourself through your style when you shop our latest catalogue!

Remember to share your personalised layered looks with us on social media by tagging @GoldmarkAU and using the hashtag #AddTheFinishingTouch. We're excited to see you get creative while staying true to your unique personality and taste. Happy layering!